Own Designs Gallery - Miscellaneous 2

Copyright 2009 - 2011 by M. Mukerji - all rights reserved.

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Blintzed Fish Base Models (Created 03/2011)

Dimpled Model with Curls.

Dimpled Model with Curls and Color Change.


Dimpled Model with Flowers.

Dimpled Model with Curves 1.

Dimpled Model with Curves 2.

Flower Stars and Star Flowers (Created 10/2010)

Zinnia Star.

Zinnia Star alternate assembly (Folded by Dennis Walker, UK).

Flower Star 1.

Flower Star 2.

Star Flower 1.

Star Flower 1 (another view).

12 unit assembly of Star Flower 1.

Star Flower 2.

Whipped Cream Model Variations

Star with Spirals- a spiralled center version.
(Photo by Kedar Amladi.)

Another 30-unit assembly of Whipped Cream Star.
(Folding and photo by Rosa Sanchez.)

Whipped Cream Models (created 2/2009)

Two views of Whipped Cream Star made with TANT brand origami paper available at Mountain Valley Paper Company
in San Francisco. It is mono paper and has a textured finish ideal for modulars that rely more on friction than others.

Whipped Cream Cube and Dodecahedron obtained by simply changing
the locking method of the Whipped Cream Star.

Whipped Cream Star Variations by Tanya Vysochina of Ukraine.

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