Copyright © 2012-2014 by M. Mukerji. All models folded and photographed by M. Mukerji.

Champak (Magnolia Champaca), created 11/2014

Surya (Sun), showing both front and back, created 11/2014

Octagonal Doodle, created 09/2014 Two Toned Star, created 09/2014
Both these and/or variations have been independently arrived at by others, as I found out after posting.

4-Sink Base Flowers Marigold and Hollyhock, created 05/2013.

(The Marigold design is inspired by Jorge Jaramillo).

Kusumita Derivatives: Playing Card Symbols, created 02/2013.



Kusumita and its various derivatives, created 02/2013.
Kʊsʊmita is a Sanskrit word meaning “blossomed”. The word is also used in the formal versions of
Bengali (কুসুমিত ), Hindi (कुसुमित ) and other Indian languages derived from Sanskrit.

Kusumitas folded with Corona Harmony paper, duo paper, green kami and red kami.

Kusumita Flower Variations (original on the right).

Kusumita Leaf Derivatives: Bael (Om Namo Namah), Philodendron, Shamrock, Four Leaf Clover and Shamrock 2.

Kusumita Butterfly Derivatives - the possibilities are endless.

Kusumita Flower variations.

Bael and Kusumita 2 made with tissue foil.

Ace of Diamonds.

Simple Diamond, you can make it stand.

Kusumita Derivative - Philodendron, and Butterfly Meadows® ware wrapped in matching accessories.

Looks like Four of Hearts in red kami.

Looks like Four Leaf Clover in green kami.

Fractal Sakura, created 11/2012.

This design is inspired by Shuzo Fujimoto's Hydrangea and Roman Diaz's Fractal Flower.

The reverse side of Fractal Sakura.

Fractal Sakura 2 - a minor variation with slightly tapered petals.

Another view of the Fractal Sakura.

Fractal Blossom, created 11/2012.
Fractal Blossom is a minor variation of the Fractal Sakura above.

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