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Clamp 90-90 by Tomoko Fuse
(reverse engineered)

Santiago Ball by
Mette Pederson

Whip by Miyuki Kawamura
More in Strip Gami gallery
Hexagonal Star models by Tomoko Fuse - a Truncated Tetrahedron (left) and two views of a
Truncated Octahedron. Revisiting her "Unit Origami" book is a pleasure even after a decade!
Edwin Corrie's Peacock from The Encyclopedia of Origami is a nice deviation from modulars!
Peacocks can be flattened as on the right for using on cards or stuffing into envelopes.
Two views of Amaryllis by Miyuki Kawamura from
Origami Tanteidan Magazine, Volume 14, Issue 80

24-Unit Cube by Jeff Beynon
Units begin with fish-base
A dodecahedron from Tomoko Fuse's book "Origami Designs"
with my own inserts (left) and variations (center and right).

Two views of a brilliant modular by Denver Lawson. Some people call it the Artichoke.
Each face is made up of six layers of duo paper. With this random coloring,
the model looks like a burst of colors or reminds one of a keliedoscope.

Tensegrity by Ian Harrison,
August BOS Newsletter
Rhododendron from "Origami Flower Balls" by Yoshihide Momotani
& 30 unit assembly of our good old Fortune Tellers (Cootie Catchers)

Maypole folded by David Petty using Ian Harrison's Tensegrity units

Note: All photos on this page are stills from Panasonic PV-DV100 Digital Palmcorder.

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