Copyright 2005 by M. Mukerji

Pair Blade and Iris by Miyuki Kawamura from Origami Tanteidan
Magazines #91 (2005/05/25) and #93 (2005/09/25) respectively

A Celtic Ring by David Petty &
10-Point Stars by David Collier

A few models I learnt at PCOC 2005 in and outside of class
Ball with Cherry Blossoms by Yasuhira Tominaga
and my variation of it on the right.

Jacks Star Deluxe
by Mark Morden

Twist Roses
by Suzuki

Layered Tessellation by
Sensei Shuzo Fujimoto

Metro Card Clicker
and a Woven Fish.

T-Rex by
John Montroll

Angel by
Louise Cooper

Eagle by
John Montroll

Star Clematis (left) and two vatiations of Stella Conica by Miyuki Kawamura
from Origami Tanteidan #86 (2004/07/25) and #89 (2005/01/25) respectively

A traditional
Striped Lily

Standard Roses by Bloom4ever
(Simplified Kawasaki Roses)

Bird Base Rose
by James Sakoda
Nishiki (Japanese Brocade) also known as Ishibashi Balls by
Minako Ishibashi (30 regular and 12 reverse unit assemblies)

Rhombic Triacontahedral assembly
of an old favorite unit by Fuse

Bucky Series Model
by David Petty
Dice Assemblies from book "Kusudama Origami" by Tomoko Fuse.
(Outer Frames 2 & 3 with Star-A & Flower-2 Inserts respectively.)
Chrysanthemum Kusudamas with Fan & Star Stoppers
from Tomoko Fuse's book "Kusudama Origami".

A traditional
6-unit Mosaic Box by P. Zimuin and taking it to the next level of 12 and 30 unit
assemblies with just one additional crease!! Her beautiful website is a must-see.
A Ring of Five Cuboctahedra, a Windowed Rhombicosidodecahedron and a Windowed
Rhombicuboctahedron made with tiles from Tomoko Fuse's Unit Origami book.

Chaos Cube
by Linda Mihara
Two views of a Tetrahedron (Francis Ow) with
spiral inserts (Tomoko Fuse).

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