Copyright 2006 by M. Mukerji

Double and Triple Layered Infiny
Two views of Triple Layered Infiny with
my curled outer layer variation
Infiny by Miyuki Kawamura from Origami Tanteidan Magazine #97(2006/05/25),
and my flat-tipped variation (obtained by closed sinks) of it on the right.

Trumpeting Elephant by
Shigemasa Hoshino

Traditional Peacock

Crystal of Ice by Mio Tsugawa
in floral colors. Paper used

Triangle Edge Module Octahedra and Icosahedra by Lewis Simon
and Bennett Arnstein with my designer variations

Crowding Cranes

4 Connected Cranes and 12 Connected Cranes

Fiore by Riccardo Colletto - nested flower & leaf idea is by Rosana Shapiro.
Right: My pentagonal versions.
Flexible Ball by Toshikazu Kawasaki and two views of Firework by
Miyuki Kawamura from 10th Origami Tanteidan Convention (2004) Book
A beautiful and clever assembly of Spiralled Bird Bases (left) by
Grzegorz Bubniak and my variation of it with tucked in points
(Spiralled bird bases were first created by James Sakoda)

Pentagonal Spiralled Bird
Bases (back to back) by me

Flowers I created with Spiralled
Bird Bases, regular & pentagonal
Two views of my dodecahedral assembly
of Pentagonal Spiralled Bird Bases
Snapology Octahedron and Rhombic Dodecahedron with
Bowtie Snaps by Halina Narloch and Striped Snaps by me

Flower by Roberto Gretter &
Traditional Lily from hexagon
Various Wreaths by Paolo Bascetta

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