Copyright 2007 by M. Mukerji
Some models I folded in and out of class at the Pacific Coast Origami Conference (PCOC), 2007, Vancouver, Canada.
Two views of a Flower Bloom Modular by Mark Morden
Mask of Amaterasu by Joseph Wu
Dragon by Joseph Zsebe
Year of the Pig by Joseph Wu
Snail by Robert Lang
Hexagonal Box by ?? and simple modular by Miyuki Kawamura

Baby Booties by Makoto Yamaguchi
makes a great baby shower gift.

Baby Grand by Particia Crawford (Origami 4 - Harbin)
makes a great gift for piano teachers.

"My Rose" with various finishes by Kousthubh Oka.

Modular Ball by Fumiaki Kawahata.

Dragonflies, Escargot and Little Miss Duck from book Passion Origami by Nicolas Terry.

Various models from Tomoko Fuse's wonderful book Floral Globes.

Top: Traditional Kusudama Spring before and after blooming (left & center) and Southern Cross by Mio Tsugawa (right),
all reverse engineered from finished model photos. Bottom: My variations of the Southern Cross.

Arabesque and variations by Mio Tsugawa. Although these are reminiscent of
Miyuki Kawamura's Infiny, they are different in their own elegant ways.

Three Dodecahedra from Unit Polyhedron Origami by Tomoko Fuse.

Ornamental Omega Star by Michael Naughton. Center and Right: A cube trapped in the star.

Me holding my own book (left) and my son holding the same with my
sister and nephew at a Borders store in Sunnyvale, CA, 05/2007.

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