This gallery is dedicated to the memory of V'Ann Cornelius, 1942-2008.
Copyright © 2008 by M. Mukerji

Various Polyhedra by Tomoko Fuse

From book Unit Polyhedron Origami, the units are versetile and good for all polyhedral constructions.

Robert Neale's Penultimate Unit

Save those Netflix® tear-off covers to make modulars!

Dennis Walker's Snowflake

Snowflakes and variations.

Tessellation Models by Sensei Shuzo Fujimoto

Modular 4-Level Hydrangea Cube. (Six faces are
locked together like Mark Morden's Flower Bloom.)

5-Level Hydrangea Box.
(Reverse Engineered from this photo.)

A bunch of Crowding Butterflies.

3-Level Clover Folding.

Pollinating Butterflies. ( Chris Shier's composition
idea of Crowding Butterflies and Hydrangea.)

5-Level Hydrangea.

Chrysanthemum by Leroy

30 and 12-unit assemblies of Chrysanthemum, by Leroy.

Saar Stars

Saar Stars (left) by Endla Saar and a pentagonal version of it.

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