This gallery is dedicated to the memory of Florence Temko, 1921-2009.
Copyright © 2009 by M. Mukerji

Some models I learnt in and out of class at PCOC 2009.

Flower Tessellation by Jonathan Miller and Twirl Roses by Krystyna Burczyk.

A single flower from the tessellation above, Honeysuckle by Mark Morden and a boutonnière made with
a Waterbomb Base Rose by Anna Kastlunger and a traditional bird base flower as stem and calyx.

The mascot peacock, a Peacock Box received as gift, Angle Box by Vicky Mihara Avery filled with
Ghirardelli Squares and a couple of closed Angle Boxes I folded at home using two sheets each.

A Wreath
A wreath made of miscellaneous origami flowers collected over a decade! You can spot most
of these flowers scattered around in my galleries 1998-2009. A closeup is shown on the right.

Dahlias by Tanya Vysochina.

Dahlias are made with 30 flower units and 20 joint units. My variations are the bottom two.

Camellia by Tanya Vysochina and my flower variation on the right.

Fujiyama by Jun Maekawa Compass Rose Cube by Valerie Vann

Three views of 12-Unit Sonobe Globe by John Blackwell

A Square Grid Tessellation with Enhancements

Roses by Toshikazu Kawasaki

The quick-folding method used involves no pre-creasing of grid.

Snow Cube & Ruby Unit

Snow Cubes (currently unpublished), top left and center, and various Ruby Unit models by Nick Robinson

Koi by Robert Lang

Octagonal Flower by Paul Jackson

Star Chamber
Two views of Star Chamber by Miyuki Kawamura from 14th Origami Tanteidan Convention, 2008.

Diamond Bridge
Two views of Diamond Bridge by Miyuki Kawamura from Origami Tanteidan Magazine, Issue 99, Sept 2006.

Saar Star Flowers
The flowers have been obtained by making Saar Stars and squashing the tips instead of sinking them
and then curling the petals. Both sides of flowers look nice. The color change is a result of either
using harmony paper or folding two color papers of different sizes together.

Tessellation Models

While doodling with paper I came up with these 4-level and 5-level fractal tessellations. Later I found
out that it is nothing but J.C. Nolan's Andrea's Rose. I made the tips at the center point upwards.

Two views of six 4-level tessellated faces locked into a cube.
The locking method is like Mark Morden's Flower Bloom Modular.

Waterbomb Base Models by Aaron P (10)

Original model on the left and my two variations on center and right.

My variation of Ourea by Leroy Fireworks by Yami Yamauchi Modular Cube - creator unknown

Braided Paper by J.C.Nolan and Frame by V'Ann Cornelius.

Braided Paper (top) and
Braided Paper with insert.

   Braided Paper with insert in Square Frame.

Happy Goodluck Bat by Michael LaFosse, flying and sleeping.

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