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Eric Joisel, 1956-2010.

A Star and a Dodecahedron by Tomoko Fuse.
Always a pleasure to revisit, these models are from Tomoko Fuse's first book Yunnito Origami
published in Japanese in 1983 and later translated into Italian Origami Modulare in 1988.

Models by Maria Sinayskaya.

Indian Summer.
( It's like Spring Kusudama but with tabs and pockets, hence, no glue).

Double Flower.
6 and 30 unit assemblies of Royal Rose Kusudama.

Models by Ekaterina Lukasheva.
Spike and Tulip Kusudamas. You get Tulip Kusudama by blooming Spike Kusudama.

30 unit Stella Rhombica.

Closeup of a Tulip from model above.

12 unit Stella Rhombica and

12 unit Spides Kusudama.

Fish Base Curler.

Bird Base Curler.

Two different assemblies of a curl model by Tomoko Fuse.
The model is from Tomoko Fuse's book Origami Fantasy. (Showing two possible assemblies for the same unit.)

12 and 30 unit assemblies of Tropos by Miyuki Kawamura.
From 15th Origami Tanteidan Convention Collection, 2009.

Butterfly Balls by Leroy, original and my curled variation.

Butterfly for June & Swallowtail Butterfly
by Michael LaFosse
4-Leaves Tato Boxes by Mélisande* (Christiane Bettens).

Pyramid Box by Chris Palmer

Basket, Rick Beech's variation of Akiko Yamanashi's Design,
filled with miniature origami.

Kaleidoscope Flower by Gay Merrill Gross. Pacchetto Regalo by Giovanni Maltagliatti. Sphere with 16 Flaps by Jun Mitani.

Wedge by Miyuki Kawamura.
(Origami Tanteidan 9th Convention, 2003)

Wedge Cube

My dodecahedral version of Wedge Cube.

Wedge Buckyball (60 units).

Icosahedral Model by Paolo Bascetta.

Single Piece Omega Stars by Richardson and Montroll.

Xenia by Anna Larionova, 12 and 30 unit assemblies.

Miura Ken Beauty Roses and BiCurvePot13 by Robert Lang.

Snapology Models by Heinz Strobl.
Rohomic Dodecahedron (left), and my Rohombic Triacontahedron using the same building method (right).

Crystal by Tanya Vysochina.
Showing two views of the model.

Gift Box by Carmen Sprung and Valentine Box by Francis Ow.
Butterfly by J C Nolan.

Traditional Crane Wreath Eifel Star by Hans-Werner Guth

Traditional Stars

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