Strip Origami

Copyright © 2003-2006 by M. Mukerji - all rights reserved

All Origami on this page is made with
paper strips 1:6 or longer

Pentabonitos Icosidodecahedron and Truncated Hexadecahedron by
Cándido Gallardo Casatejada, made up of knotted paper pentagons joined together.

Whip models by Miyuka Kawamura. This beautiful model was published in the 2003
9th Origami Tanteidan Convention book and is reminiscent of her Celes models.

Knotology polyhedra by Heinz Strobl. This method of braiding strips into polyhedra was also
independently done by Tomoko Fuse. Materials used: quilling strips, plastic giftwrap ribbon.
More Knotology Polyhedra - a Truncated Icosahedron and a Rhombicosidodecahedron

Views of Miyuki Kawamura's 60° Celes Models made with 1:8, 1:7 and 1:6 strips.
Diagrams appeared in the 2002 8th Origami Tanteidan Convention book

Miyuki Kawamura's 180° Celes
Cuboctahedron using 1:7 strips
Two views of a Reversed Celes. I got the idea when I
tried to reverse engineer a model by David Derudas
Heinz's Sphere 94 and
another knotty polyhedron based on it.

Woven Dodecahedral Ball
by Yami Yamaguchi

Various Strip Polyhedra by Tomoko Fuse
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